You’re all the same – really!

You’re all the same – really!

Your company is the same as every one else in the industry – and you have the same goals. You need to:

  • Sell your product or service
  • Communicate with your customers
  • Gain market share
  • Make an impression
  • Earn a profit

The city is full of companies that do what you do – and sell what you sell. So – you are all the same.

But – are you REALLY the same?

Your product or service is delivered by distinct people with a unique vision, philosophy and goals. No matter where you sell your product, your one great advantage – the reason people will buy from you – is your difference.

So often, companies spend their time telling potential customers what they do or how they do something. They forget that what the customer really wants to hear is what makes you different (or more importantly, why they should pick you over the others?).

But defining your true differentiation (not the cliches like we care, or we are better) can be difficult to do from the inside. Sometimes it helps to find a marketing company that can :

  • Work with you to identify the true and relevant differences in your company
  • Help you turn that difference into your sales advantage
  • Then show you how that difference can inform and inspire your customers

Focusing your message on what you do and how you do it is easy but not relevant to your audience.

Focusing your message on answering the customers’ “why” questions helps you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and in the long run, helps you to compete for those customers.