You can’t fool me

You can’t fool me

In honour of this past April Fool’s day, I thought I’d write about why I think it’s difficult to trick a graphic designer.

One of the first things I remember my graphic design instructor saying at college was that “you’re never going look at things the same”. What he meant was – whether you’re walking around in public, watching TV, or reading a magazine, you’re going to analyze everything you see.

He was right.

And I’ve found I question a lot of things that aren’t design-related too. Whether it’s noticing the smallest details of a “too good to be true” sales pitch, or the design and functionality of a $25 Walmart chair. Not to mention those cheeky April Fool’s campaigns!

So the skills I learned in school are helpful in everyday life! Here’s a link to some reasons why graphic designers won’t be fooled.