Yes – you can blog too!

Yes – you can blog too!

I recently became part of a dog owners association in Winnipeg. The group gathers at a park that I go to often and where I have become friends with many people (I actually liked their dogs first!).

The group – Kings Park Dogs – started 3 years ago. Times have changed, and every dog park now operates with an association that use their combined voices to ensure their space is not taken away (as has happened all too often in the past with other parks). With no voice, there’s no say!

While we don’t have a lot of members (yet!), the group has been meeting together once in a while to figure out what steps to take, how to get followers, how to update them, and to organize our activities.

The entire process of planning and scheduling is very similar to what we do here at Deschenes Regnier on a grander, more detailed scale.

As we grow, we have talked about creating and updating a Facebook page regularly, and possibly running a Twitter feed – and finally, a blog. I never thought that I would become the “technical liaison” of our group, but I think I have gained that title because they know where I work!

I am sure some of my coworkers have heard this; I hate blogging, my mind goes blank, I have no words to input. But when a few friends share a common interest, it seems to just happen. Feedback is always appreciated by the members, and that feedback helps, a lot.

Still – we are in the beginning stages. So hopefully when our programs are up and running, I will have something more to display.

For now, here is a link to an initial blog  I wrote a few years ago, thinking at the time that it wasn’t good. But looking back now, I don’t think it was that bad! It provided information and gave everyone a feel for the personality of our small club. And from what I’m told here at the office – providing information and personality are two key goals for a post!