Which lemonade stand do you own?

Which lemonade stand do you own?

It’s an old story and unfortunately, I really can’t remember where I heard it first, but it has relevance to every aspect of your branding.

The story is about two very different lemonade stands…

The first stand is run by two kids. They use powdered lemonade mix, paper cups and a small table they borrowed from their parents. It’s a typical lemonade stand – one you see every summer throughout Canada.  One in a long line of lemonade stands. It costs a dollar to buy a cup of lemonade. And that’s a pretty good price – considering you get both the lemonade and the satisfaction of helping two hard-working kids.

The second stand is different. The lemonade is free but there is a big tip jar. When you pull up, the child operating the stand smiles at you, with every bit of youthful exuberance she can muster. She takes her time with your order – reaching into a carefully prepared pail of ice and lemons. She pulls out a fresh lemon, slices it in front of you, then squeezes it with a juicer.

The whole time she is squeezing your drink, she is talking with you, sharing her thoughts on how a great glass of lemonade (this glass of lemonade) can change your day. At the same time, she tells you she is in no hurry to deliver the finished product. That’s because her parents taught her “a good glass of lemonade shouldn’t be rushed”, and with that, she promises that she will make it right the first time. She puts a little less sugar into the cup – because she says it will taste better that way.

While you are talking with her, a number of people that might have become customers drive by because it seems to be taking too long. You don’t even notice, because you are engaged (no – caught up) in the “presentation”. Eventually, a few people come by and start to wait in line behind you.

Once she’s done, and you have your lemonade, you place $5 in the jar – because while the lemonade was free, the entire experience was worth twice that price. And you would happily pay for that experience again because it had an effect on you – and it made you smile.

Both lemonade stands offered similar products, under a similar concept, in a similar setting. But they most certainly did not offer the same brand experience. Which brings us to the key question…

Which entrepreneur do you think has the brighter future?

And more importantly, which lemonade stand are you running?

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