Where you work affects how you work

Where you work affects how you work

I admit it – I am not an interior designer or a work environment expert. ┬áBut it seems reasonable to me that if you are happy in your environment and surroundings, then that helps you be happy at work.

I have never seen the appeal of the sky-rise buildings, the grungy underground parking, and the interminable elevator ride to the proper floor. I always felt like a sheep following the crowd as we all trundled together to our offices.

In contrast, I have always been drawn to unique office buildings that are set in wonderful surroundings filled with energy/life.

You can imagine my joy then – that for the last 15 years I have contentedly made my way to work in Winnipeg’s incredible Exchange District.

The centre of Winnipeg’s cultural and creative heart – the Exchange District has everything you need to build a life and a career. This morning, after a rough night of sleep, I took a short walk to one of the area’s trendy coffee shops to grab a carefully prepared coffee and a treat.

This afternoon, I have I am looking forward to exploring the multiple unique vendors around the corner for lunch – and the opportunity to watch Fringe acts performing right outside our door!

If I am free, and don’t need to go home after work, I am one block from several gathering places where I can meet friends for a much-needed visit.

And it is all available in a setting that movie studios envy – beautiful heritage buildings with history and ambience (not the glass behemoths that all seem to end up looking the same).

And the cool thing about the area… I really do think that the people here appreciate what they have. A walk through the neighbourhood and most of the people you meet are smiling – and always have a kind word to share.

It’s a community – not just a place of work. It’s a community I am happy to be part of!