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Kiwanis Chateau provides comfortable, affordable downtown living for the 55+ community. Based on the target audience, their communications had been the same for many years, and they were seeking to refresh their approach.

We developed a communications strategy for Kiwanis that helped refresh their existing visual identity, developed a new package of messages that were relevant to the 55+ audience, and worked with Kiwanis to create an advertising strategy that took them away from their staid old traditional marketing activities.

As part of the deliverables, we reworked Kiwanis’ existing website, updated its content, and focused the messages on the benefits and differentiators that were specific to Kiwanis living. We also developed a target-specific Facebook ad campaign that was designed to increase exposure for the facility and to sell available units. Site tours (a key metric) quadrupled from previous campaigns, and all available units were sold in the campaign period.