What does it take to fit in?

What does it take to fit in?

Don’t try so hard!

Remember that copycat kid in school? He tried talking and looking like the cool kids but it just wasn’t working for him?

Well, that’s what company’s look like when they’re trying to be something they’re not. According to The Odyssey Online: a social content platform, rather than being part of the crowd, you can create a scenario where the crowd is actually embarrassed for you.

Odyssey’s survey findings show that companies need to avoid trendy acronyms because audiences are seeing right through it. Any kind of slang can get you in trouble. Here’s a snapshot of some posts reported in Adweek:

  • “Slang makes the advertiser seem especially out of touch when they incorrectly use that language in a casual environment.”
  • “It couldn’t be more obvious that they haven’t done their research and don’t know what’s going on in our lives.”
  • “Don’t try too hard, just be honest and interesting.”
  • “I appreciate when brands speak to me as an adult rather than a ‘chill’ millennial.”
  • “Ads can be fun, goofy or cool without making me feel like they are unprofessional.”

So bottom line, if you have something to say—don’t be a dweeb. Stick to your brand’s key messages in an authentic, engaging way.