Today “throws” to Tomorrow

Today “throws” to Tomorrow

For many years now, baseball has been our family’s pastime sport. Both our sons play and umpire, and my husband coaches. My involvement is on the executive side with planning and organizing, which is not unlike what I do at Deschenes Regnier!

With the season now over, our executive will be meeting next week to do a post season debrief. Again this is funny – it is exactly what we do at Deschenes Regnier too. Hmmm, interesting the parallels between the game of baseball and the communications industry….

Strategy – I don’t think the average person truly knows how much strategy there is in ball. Heck the players (club level) at times don’t realize the strategy at times with the calls coming from the bench to throw the ball to home. Reacting in the moment is not good for either baseball or communications.

Analytics – OMG have you seen the stats in baseball? RBI, ERA, Batting Average (BA), Home Run (HR), Base on Balls (BB). This would be the equivalent to what we call big data. It’s great to have the ability to collect all these stats, but the key is to find the KPIs that can be turned into meaningful outcomes.

Adjust in Real Time – Depth in the bullpen allows a team to switch out a pitcher for a desired result. A similar action can done in digital advertising when creative is underperforming, it can be switched out.

Score Keeping – An absolutely necessary task and is used to record both high level game information and individual player data. This would be similar to campaign reports with granular and aggregate data used to make future campaign decisions.

Here is a good example of what happens when communications are not aligned and confusion sets in. Enjoy!!