Thinking “Small” can work!

Thinking “Small” can work!

Looking for that idea to make it big?

While much of the world of business focuses on the big idea, statistically speaking, your odds are better if you focus instead on the seemingly small things.

Take at Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim campaign for instance.

Back in the day, my creative director reminisced about his boardroom pitch to design their iconic cup into a contest. It was intended it to be a one-time event. You know how that played out. Today, those iconic cups are travelling billboards and the event has become a national pastime.

Every year, as soon as I spot one I’m there—every single day. It’s not that I’m a gambler, I just like the notion of a little added value. I love the reward of handing over my winning cup and being congratulated with a new one. And when my local Tim’s runs out of cups, I seek out other locations that have some in stock.

And I know that I’m not alone. Last year I was walking through a mall, happily sipping my hot elixir in one of the few remaining cups when I was asked repeatedly where I found that cup!

So, rather than focussing on the big plays, try something small, test, tweak and grow.