The “WE” economy

The “WE” economy

We are all in this together—and the seismic change from “me” to “we” has dawned. That’s why Accenture sees the “We Economy” already reshaping markets and changing the way business is done, as outlined in its Technology Vision 2015 report.

The report identifies five important digital trends underlying its findings, which echo Interbrand’s “Mecosystem” and “Age of You” themes in the latest Best Global Brands report —

  • Internet of Me: Putting the end user at the center of every digital experience.
  • Outcome Economy: Enabling new business models that shift from selling things to selling results.
  • Platform (R)evolution: Leveraging digital platforms to build next-generation products, services and ecosystems.
  • Intelligent Enterprise: Embedding software intelligence into the business for greater operational efficiency and innovation.
  • Workforce Reimagined: Enabling humans to work alongside smart machines in a collaborative model (“omni-colleagues”) to yield better results.


On overview of the concept is also available on Youtube.