The other side of Stephen Hawking

The other side of Stephen Hawking

The word “technology” is everywhere: IT departments in business enterprises, Computer and Information Systems Technology courses at post-secondary institutions, Amazon’s high-tech grocery store, technology for banking/aerospace/automotive, and the list goes on.

I even had the sales rep at Chatter’s Hair and Beauty tell me that the mousse product is now “old technology”. Hmmm, I’m thinking maybe she was confused with chemistry.

Our need for technology to make everyday life easier, more efficient, faster has me wondering at times is it really all necessary? Why can’t I just flick the switch to turn off the light?

Then I happen to see an article featuring Professor Stephen Hawking, who passed away on March 14th, talking about how technology from Intel improved his life. Now that is a good use of technology.

In addition to being Sheldon’s mentor, I knew that Hawking had made a few appearances on The Big Bang Theory, but what I did not realize was that he was a pitchman for several other brands and was also featured on a Pink Floyd song. For a man with a computerized voice, he sure has some powerful messages.