Take time for lunch

Take time for lunch

Did you know only 1 in 3 employees will actually step away from their desk during the day to enjoy a lunch break? 

In my first few weeks at Deschenes Regnier, I found myself becoming part of this statistic.

If you’re anything like me in a new job situation, you’re not only adjusting to the new workload while trying to immerse yourself in the office culture, but you’re also just trying to find your footing in a new routine. It becomes easy to forget about those breaks, for fear of wanting to be your best self.

I was quickly reminded by one of my colleagues the importance of a workday balance. Although it’s good to be eager and maintain proper work ethic, it’s also essential to take care of yourself during the day. 

Now, my lunch breaks consist of making that extra effort to step away from my desk. It’s allowed me to go out and appreciate the beautiful Exchange District, an area not everyone is lucky enough to work in. I’ve also found my days are much more productive, I leave with less of those dreaded computer screen related headaches, and I’m really learning about the beautiful heritage of this location. 

Not only are breaks essential in managing balanced mental health during a workday, they also help to make you a more productive worker for your employer. So if you can make that commitment to step away from your desk, for even a short while, it becomes a win-win for everyone.