Sometimes, Less is More

Sometimes, Less is More

Have you ever heard of the term “everything but the kitchen sink”? Probably.

In design, it means cramming as much information into your ad or layout as you can. Obviously I think that’s not an ideal solution. But sometimes it’s hard to convince people otherwise.

The term “minimalist design” has been around forever. I think maybe some of you can tell that lately it has made a come back of sorts. Some of the local retailers, coffee shops and restaurants that are popping up in our great city are designed with minimalist design in mind. The hipster joints if you will.

Minimalist design is a great way to cut away the clutter and frame what your message or business is trying to convey. It looks simple, but is still very thought out. It’s also very handy when designing the overall brand. And a simple logo and colour palette is easy to carry through the entire company brand.

So just because a logo or design looks simple that doesn’t mean it’s not less creative. Have a read and learn more!