Sine’s take on her work at DR

Sine’s take on her work at DR

Time has never moved more quickly than it has these past few weeks. Where, oh where, did the weeks go?

It’s been great getting to know everyone here at Deschenes Regnier, and becoming best friends with Jack (mostly because I gave him yogurt but that’s fine, I’ll take what I can get). These weeks have taught me the benefits of printing/revising your work and triple checking. I’ve learned a bunch of things in the Adobe programs that I didn’t know before, that will make life much easier. 

As an added bonus, this week I was lucky enough to help out with a photo shoot for a day. Running around and seeing how the process goes was quite interesting and very fun! 

But the hardest part about working here has been the bracing windchill inside the building. I haven’t been able to feel my feet for days! JK

Thank you so much to everyone here at Deschenes Regnier for letting me join your team these last three weeks, and thank you for being so patient and kind!