Say “Cheese”!

Say “Cheese”!

Every September comes along and certain events are expected. As an example, the ritual of getting your photo taken at school has happened for years. During my days at school, we would line up and get our photos taken. Then several weeks later the package would be sent home – only to find out that I had closed my eyes!

Arrrg, can you say re-takes!

We are now in 2016, and everybody has access to a digital device that will snap a photo and provide a preview for an immediate thumbs-up or delete – with no need for special training.

So for a company that specializes in providing school portraits as their main line of business, you have to wonder why Lifetouch still holds tight to the old process of snapping photos, processing the pictures, shipping the packages to each home, collecting unwanted prints, and scheduling re-takes – only to do the steps all over again.

Never mind the wasteful approach to materials and time, now on top of it, Lifetouch insists on charging you for their inability to take a photo that could have been done right the first time.

In our business, our clients rely on us to deliver custom photography on their projects, and there are no “retakes” built into the process, budget or the schedule. The expectation from everyone concerned is that the shot list will be captured properly. And with real-time viewing available at the the photo shoot, we are able deliver on that expectation. This is a great example of embracing digital technology and adapting the process to work efficiently.

While Lifetouch has incorporated the digital technology, it would seem that their customer service processes are in need of an upgrade to truly take full advantage of doing the job right the first time.