Ready for Human Embedding?

Ready for Human Embedding?

I am all about being efficient and adopting technology to improve our lives, but I am not too sure if I am ready to be “chipped”.

But starting this August, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips will be used by a Wisconsin tech company and its employees to allow easy building access and payment in the cafeteria!

For me, there needs to be a significant benefit to voluntarily implant something in my body. Saving a bit of time to pay for coffee is not quite what I call a benefit!

Now if the cost of the RFID chips can just get to the point where all the products at the grocery store can be tagged therefore eliminating the line up to pay for groceries, that is a real time saving benefit I can appreciate.

We are already seeing RFID technology in our daily lives. If you have a touch debit card, your  card already has the RFID chip embedded to enable contactless payments. And all Canadian Passports issued after July 2013 include chip technology.

As the need increases for security, tracking, inventory control and communicating information faster, more uses will be found for this technology applied to assets, animals and yes, even humans.

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