Ready… Fire… Aim!

Ready… Fire… Aim!

Many years ago, I met an individual that first introduced me to the concept, Ready…Fire…Aim.

His philosophy was simple. Prepare your idea, and get it up and running. Then test the idea to see if it works. By the time you have adjusted your concept based on the real-life experience of using it on a daily basis – the competition will still be testing their initial theories.

Inherent in this philosophy of course is building an environment in the company where trying things and making mistakes are not only okay – they are encouraged.

The belief that “if we can get this project or idea out to our audience, test the reaction, and then respond to their input, we can be more effective for our clients”, is an immensely empowering process.

Of course, promoting a Ready…Fire…Aim environment in the workplace takes a tremendous leader – one willing to let the talent in the company explore options publicly. And a leader that doesn’t insist on presupposing what the market will need or want.

There will be mistakes, but as I have learned in business, customer loyalty can also come from fixing the mistakes – not hiding them.

Finally, there is an amazing energy that is generating by using the Ready…Fire…Aim approach, an energy that can’t be attained when constantly over-analyzing your ideas as one does in the opposite approach – Ready…Aim…Fire.