Putting on the “Clown Suit”

Putting on the “Clown Suit”

I love this recent post from Seth Godin about the impact created by playing an unusual role, and the ultimate effect that role can have on your future activities.

It is an important lesson when it comes to developing a brand strategy – or even intermediate campaign strategies.

Companies are often lured by the great idea, the cute phrase, the great discount or the funny one-off concept. But beware, if the program is successful, that concept can remain associated with the company – even if it is not consistent with the brand.

That’s why it is always important, when assessing the relevance of your next “big marketing idea” to see if that idea:

  • Is consistent with your brand
  • Conveys your true positioning
  • Shows what makes you different
  • And clearly identifies your benefits/advantages.

If the concept doesn’t do these things, then it is just a cute idea that would be better left for someone else to use.