Print is not dead!

Print is not dead!

During the Internet boom, there was talk that printing will go by the wayside.

15 (ish) years later we still print quite a few jobs here at Deschenes Regnier.

But where I see a change is in type of printing. Digital printing has swooped in to pick up a lot of the slack. Digital printing has come such a long way in 15 years that it’s now probably this first option for many clients because the quick turn-around time and the quality is now the same as 4 colour offset.

While this may be the case, some designers are now re-discovering old print techniques (thermography and letterpress) and are using digital technologies (personalized printing) to help sell their clients and themselves.

Along with new technologies like augmented reality, print is evolving much like web. It’s not dying. The tactile experience of a nice print piece is still valued and stands out in our digital world.

For further information on the subject, here is a great article about how the latest printing trends are shaping design. Enjoy.