Practically Perfect

Practically Perfect

Britain’s largest supermarket chain has branded “imperfection”.

Tesco’s brand and packaging is, well, a perfect solution.  Who hasn’t experienced the disappointment of selecting a beautifully packaged apple, then biting into its flawless, waxy exterior, only to be rewarded with a tasteless spongy texture?

Tesco’s strategy reverses that experience, and in doing so hits the nail on the head, capitalizing on that consumer pain, served to you directly in their name.

The Perfectly Imperfect brand of fruit and vegetables has an honest, no-nonsense design with clear packaging to show off its imperfect contents. And, in an effort to tug on the heartstrings of the national market, they’ve subliminally incorporated the British flag to frame the logo. Finally, the asymmetrical label shape feels as though the farmer personally slapped the label on the bag.

It looks so imperfect that the consumer believes it must be as good as it looks—earthly fresh and unadulterated—directly from ground to grocer!