Pick us, pick us!!!!

Pick us, pick us!!!!
  • How do you pick an ad agency or a marketing company?
  • Who is the best agency in the city?
  • How do you even know what you need?

AND, over the years, we have been asked this question hundreds of times

  • “Tell me why your the best agency?”

The real and frank answer to that question is that there isn’t a “best” agency in Winnipeg (yes, you heard that from an ad agency!).

But, as a company, the real question you should be asking isn’t who is the best – but who is the best for us?

A lot of factors go into what makes a successful working relationship between an agency and a client:

  • Budget
  • Existing Brand equity
  • Current market conditions
  • Skill sets versus marketing need
  • Knowledge of your industry
  • Willingness to listen to your needs
  • Your ability to impart information to the agency
  • Timelines and resources

But beyond all the items on that list, the the most important thing that decides what is the best agency for your needs is “fit”. You need to be comfortable working with the agency. You have to be able to trust them to do the job, you have to believe that they are listening to you, and that they understand what you need. And it helps if you like working with them – because when something goes off track a little in the process – liking the company makes finding a solution easier.

So when searching for marketing help – don’t always go for the biggest, or the most expensive or the funkiest agency. Pick one that fits your needs, your style and your personality.

You will be much happier if you do.