Phrases that drive me crazy

Phrases that drive me crazy

I hear these in regular everyday conversation – and I wish someone would tell people what the proper terms (or pronunciations) are. For example:

  • Its not fusstration – its frustration
  • Its not supposably – its supposedly (if you even have to use that word)
  • It’s ask – not aks (or ax)
  • You can’t verse someone (as my daughter’s team says – who are we versing today). Who are we playing against?
  • Its not unthaw –  its thaw (unless of course you meant it has just frozen)
  • You actually couldn’t care less (not you could care less)
  • Can there be a near miss (that would actually mean it was a hit?) – the term you need is near hit
  • Things don’t fall by the waste side – they fall by the wayside
  • People don’t go towards something – they go toward it
  • And its for all intents and purposes – not for all intensive purposes.

And my all time favourite:

  • It is not irregardless – it’s just regardless (the first one is a double negative)

And finally, a slightly picky one that I always seem to get wrong (I thought I should put one on here that I do in public):

  • It is not less than 140 characters, it is fewer than 140 characters.

I’ll go back to work now – and stop pretending that I am the “phrase police”.