New toy disrupts the “pink aisle”

New toy disrupts the “pink aisle”

What do toys targeting parents of girls, and the new YouTube channel “Toy Hackers”, have in common?

Introducing GoldieBlox – a brand of toys created by a burgeoning female engineer, wanting to make a social impact on how girls are being introduced to scientific principles more commonly imbedded in boy toys.

GoldieBlox began as a kickstarter campaign to manufacture a small order of products that would “disrupt the pink aisle” and has quickly blossomed into a successful toy developer and media channel.

Goldie Blox proves that good design that resonates with its audiences is a formula for success. Everything tied to the mother-brand has spunk, energy and authenticity. Design elements support the brand through colourful characters, shapes and upbeat, relatable language.

I was so jazzed, I’ve joined GoldieBlox’s Toy Hackers Secret Society and can’t wait to learn how to solve everyday problems with my own inventions!