Marketing – the profession

Marketing – the profession

What is it about “Marketing”?

  • People wouldn’t make suggestions to their lawyer on how to interpret the law.
  • They wouldn’t think they could do a complicated tax report for their business.
  • And they wouldn’t attempt to guide the surgeon through their own surgery!

Yet most people that have seen an ad on TV, believe they can be a marketer. In fact, after twenty five years in this business, I am convinced that my Mom still doesn’t understand what I do.

While anyone can “learn” the tools in marketing and advertising – there is a science and an art to the process. It takes a healthy combination of experience, skill and “feel” to develop a marketing plan and marketing tools that actually help a company conduct their business.

As in any industry, the tools are always readily available.

But the knowledge on how to best marshal those tools to create the best possible solution for the client – that is a skill that true marketers offer to their clients.