Making a case for Marketing Integration

Making a case for Marketing Integration

We have all seen it happening in recent years.

The advertising industry is once again splintering – creating small shops with unique talents in one area of the business – media buyers, web developers, video companies, social media planners – the list of specialist areas is endless.

As a client, you have the ability to pick and choose one service without having to talk to any other group.

But even in today’s environment, a case can be made to clients about the need to find a marketing company that has the skill and the requisite experience to help you integrate all of your various marketing “parts” into one cohesive and comprehensive plan.

These marketing firms will help you focus on what outcome you want, identify the target, develop the message and then select the vehicles that will best (and most cost-effectively) reach those audiences.

The process of engaging an agency for the complete process will save you from running around re-inventing the story with each supplier – which creates inconsistencies in your message and ultimately confusion in the marketplace.

  • Start with your story first, then identify your call to action
  • Pick the target audiences that need to hear that story
  • Then identify the most cost effective means to reach them
  • Then, and only then, build the tools

It really is that simple – but it is way more complicated if you have to do this process with each and every supplier.

And that is where a true agency comes in – they can help you at the front end make sure you have the right focus and the right framework, then they can build the tools for you that address that framework. And if they are worth their salt they will also stick with you to help you analyze the impact/results.