Looking for “more” this season?

Looking for “more” this season?

As advertisers, it may seem like we want everyone to see Christmas as the perfect opportunity to go and “buy all of the things you have ever wanted”.

But I think as humans, no matter how wrapped up in our lives and our jobs we are, we still deep down want this season to mean so much more.

There is a reason for the long-term success of shows like Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life – most of us really do want people to get the things they deserve, want good to be rewarded, and want to feel a sense of belonging.

(Hell – even Snoopy and the Red Baron stopped their epic air battles to share some Christmas cheer!)

So in this crazy season of shopping and visiting and running and planning and eating and ….

We truly hope you also have a season of joy and reflection and relaxation and peace.

And if you can – do something good for someone that could use a little good in their lives – you will both benefit from the experience.

Besides we can always get back to our routine and the “regular” and the structure and the expectations in January (insert sad face emoji here).