Local radio is holding its own

Local radio is holding its own

Internet radio was supposed to squash music stations. But someone forget to tell the stations!

While TV networks are struggling to change their revenue model against the new elephants in the room and their streaming services, some radio stations are growing by leaps and bounds.

As always, it makes perfect sense when you listen to the customer.

Who here has ever been stuck in traffic and wanted some tunes and a little company?

DJs who know just how much to talk—or not— along with some great tunes can make you feel connected and energized. They know your city and because of that, they’ll give you some rerouting traffic tips and weather updates – you don’t mind listening to a few commercials, provided they don’t go overboard. After all, they need to earn a living.

You’re connected to them, feel like you know them a little—you don’t mind doing your part in supporting them. But when you get home, you’re no longer that captive audience—you’re in the driver’s seat.