Is the Ad industry losing touch?

Is the Ad industry losing touch?

Almost two-thirds of people don’t feel the ad industry represents them

Advertising and marketing is failing to reflect multicultural and diversity in society, according to a new poll.

While this particular research was centred in the UK, the same issues can easily be attributable to the US and Canada. So, if we believe advertising characters and messages aren’t reflecting our society, it begs the question—why? Are advertisers not utilizing market research? Are they not asking the right questions and gathering the right message?

Building a campaign that’s relatable takes expertise and experience. Every creative director with experience under their belt will agree, like in any profession, they’ve had to suffer through failure before they understood how to make a winning formula.

Personally, any solid campaign I’ve seen has someone in the lead with some experience behind them to show for it. Today, it’s not uncommon to see someone handed the role of creative director before the ink on their diploma has dried. Could it be that we’re putting people in a director’s role before they’ve learned how to get it right?