Is Artificial Intelligence the new problem solver?

Is Artificial Intelligence the new problem solver?

There have been a number news stories crediting Siri with saving lives, most recently a man in New Hampshire, UK after he was injured in a house explosion.

Personally, I have yet to establish a friendship with Siri or Cortana, but I should really make this introduction sooner rather than later.

According to a study from PwC, 59% of consumers believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help us live a more fulfilling life. Hmm, do you think I can get AI to make my kids lunches too?

AI is going to impact business, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks such as paperwork, scheduling, time sheets, accounting, HR functions and email management – to list just a few. The less time executives spend on these mundane tasks, the more they are available to do the “big thinking”.

Respondents to the same survey also felt that by 2025, AI will most likely “create a piece of art that is worth over $100,000” and “write a hit TV series”, that is, if network TV is still around in 2025!

If this is the case, it is possible that in 2025 our industry will be using AI to prepare campaign concepts and script videos. One can only hope that the Bot will understand nuance of colour and innuendo on messaging.

For marketers, the biggest shift will be from programmatic to predictive. In this change, using real time data, AI will be able to predict and reward the customer with a relevant user experience. So instead of an ad for that pair of boots following you all over the internet, AI will know if you have bought the boots or moved on and will serve you the next new trendy sandal.

This video article from Adweek talks more in depth about how marketing will shift to predictive methodology.

When it comes to change, we have a choice to make. You can choose to resist and not accept the progress that AI will bring, or you can approach it with an open mind and embrace the developments it brings. Here is an article from PwC that further details the impact that AI may have in society.