In Social Media – Consistency is the Key

In Social Media – Consistency is the Key

Part Two in an on-going series on Social Media for Business

Brand consistency is very important for a successful social media presence. The most recognizable companies in the world do a very good job at keeping their branding consistent across all platforms. Coca-Cola, for example, uses mostly red in their posts, which makes them stand out from other brands. here are a few to-do’s to get off on the right foot:

  1. Your content, tone, and voice, should reflect the branding and feel of your business and the message you want to send to your audience. Pick a style, a voice, and a look and stick to it.
  2. Share curated content— although you want to post fairly regularly, it is still important to be selective about the things you’re putting out to the world. The quality of your post is often more important than the quantity. Quality content engages your audience and is more likely to get a like, or a share which in turn boosts your ranking and followers.
  3. Chose the right networks—the numbers of Social Media platforms existing today are overwhelming, but fortunately, you don’t have to be present on every platform to have a successful online presence. Not all social media platforms cater to the same audience, so it is important that you find the platforms that are a good fit for your brand and the audience that you want to target and be consistent and active on those platforms.

Remember, Social Media platforms are highly visual. It is important to create a well-branded page to ensure that your audience is able to recognize it quickly and easily.

And the reason for ensuring you have brand presence on your page is that consumers want to buy from companies they know and trust – and a consistent brand is often viewed as a more dependable brand.

This article outlines 5 tips you can follow to help your business stay consistent across your social media platforms.