I (inadvertently) branded my child

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Brand Marketing
I (inadvertently) branded my child

I’ve found since becoming a graphic designer, it was hard to find a reason to just design or create something for myself. On the computer, drawing, painting, whatever medium. Designing for eight or more hours a day for an array of clients doesn’t leave much in the tank for when you get home. For years I’ve looked for different avenues. But one can only paint so many cats for his sister (sorry Lindsay). It was fun. But she only has three cats. And that’s probably for the best.

It all changed on June 6th, 2014 – the day my baby Ruth was born. She was named after my grandmother Ruth Siwek. (And was actually born on my grandmother’s birthday funny enough.) I liked the name, and being the sentimental type I always thought if I had a daughter we’d name her Ruth. If my wife Jenesa and I named her something else, I might not be writing this.

When it came time for the birth announcement, there was no way it was going to be run of the mill. Anyone who knows a graphic designer knows it has to be unique. So it began, baby Ruth Pawlyk was branded.

I’m curious what’s she going to think of all this when she’s older. Is she going to be embarrassed? Proud? Thankful? Who knows. But if we have a second kid he or she will have to be have a “brand-able” name I guess. Maybe when she’s old enough she can start designing her own invites, posters, etc.? Then I’ll have more time to work on Henry’s or Marie’s pieces.

Baby Ruth thank you card

We’ve all heard of the chocolate bar, so it was natural. I started customizing the old look to my new Ruth. And it gathered momentum from there. A canvas here, a photo montage there. I didn’t know before she was born that it was going to turn into this. But I’m glad it happened. She’s now my most rewarding (and only) client. I guess I’m going to have to mark everyone of her milestones with a “tribute”. I’m going to keep track of my hours and hand her a bill when she’s 18.

Baby Ruth Birthday Cake

Ruth illustration

Baby Ruth Birthday Invitation