I don’t have all the answers…but that’s ok!

I don’t have all the answers…but that’s ok!

My name is Everly Brooke and I am a second year graphic design student at Red River College. I recently completed my first work placement at Deschenes Regnier.

Making it to second year is kind of a big deal. My classmates and I have developed confidence in our process and we are given the freedom to explore our interests. We know what we like, and even more so what we don’t like!

It is safe to say that venturing out into the “real” world was a bit of a shock for most of us. For myself I quickly realized that my personal design style would not always be suitable for every project. I discovered that I still have a lot to learn, which was a frightening thought at first. However sitting here at the end of my two weeks, I feel excited for the road ahead.

Work placement provided me with exposure to the world outside of my cozy school bubble. For the first few days, I silently rode a roller coaster of self-doubt as I worked on a project that I couldn’t quite crack. The pressures of creating something for a client and representing an established design firm hit me hard.

About mid way through my first week I began to realize that collaboration is key to overcoming the roadblocks I encountered during my design process. The staff at Deschenes Regnier demonstrated the importance of talking things out with another person or getting a fresh perspective on something you’ve stared at for hours. The process of exploring multiple ideas and solutions helped me to separate my emotions from my work and I became more willing to push my designs and try things I hadn’t considered before.

I could not have asked for a better place to get my feet wet in the industry. The team at Deschenes Regnier were incredibly welcoming and patient.  Senior Designer Neil Pawlyk and President and Creative Director Guy Regnier taught me that even the smallest changes to a design could make a world of difference.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from them.

My time at Deschenes Regnier taught me the value of experience, both my own and that of people who have been in the field for years. Seeing the day-to-day reality of the job I’ve been training for further cemented my love of the design process and provided me with fresh enthusiasm that I will bring to my final semester.