Good bye from Chelsea!!

Good bye from Chelsea!!

Today is my last day of work placement at Deschenes Regnier, so this will be my final blog post.

I’ve had a really enjoyable experience here. I’ve worked on some fun projects the past three weeks and I’ve learned a lot. It’s been eye-opening to get a glimpse of what working at a design agency is like. It’s been interesting to over hear the interactions between different team members; the back and forth, and the constructive criticism.

Being exposed to this environment has really impressed upon me the importance of communication. As designers, we are communicators. We communicate our ideas and problem solve, visually. Having that skill is an asset of course, but having the ability to communicate verbally, in writing, and in any other way, is also key.

In school, I’m used to being surrounded by fellow design students and instructors, where we all speak the same language. In reality, in the working world, offices and agencies consist of people who play different roles, with a variety of individual expertise.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about while on work placement, that I had never previously considered, is the importance of communicating with clients or colleagues who may have different professional backgrounds, not just those with design expertise.

The way staff communicate and interact here at Deschenes Regnier has set a really great precedent  for me as I enter the work force. Things seem to run smoothly here, and everyone is clear, professional, and respectful in their approach. I’m sad to end my work placement, it’s been a pleasure working here for the past three weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Deschenes Regnier for hosting me, I wish the staff and the agency good luck in the future, I won’t be a stranger!