First days at Deschenes Regnier

First days at Deschenes Regnier

Editor’s Note – Deschenes Regnier is pleased to welcome Sine Schlaikjær, a student from RRC Graphic Design, who will be working with us for the next three weeks. Here are Sine’s thoughts on her first few days with us!!

The last few weeks of school really did a number on my perception of what I’m capable of.

It’s gone from yes you can, to no you can’t, at least five times a day. I was very nervous when I would think about coming to Deschenes Regnier and having professionals judge me. But walking in here on Monday morning I realized that I’m just a student, I’m here to learn, and that has made all the difference.

Everyone has been so lovely and kind! I’m looking forward to getting some real world design experience and advice from everyone here. It will be interesting to see how an actual design studio is run.

And I fully intend on becoming best friends with Jack (Deschenes’ resident mascot). I’m excited for what these next few weeks will bring!