Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

If you have kids, and are like me, you spent this past Sunday hunting for Easter eggs.

This time honoured tradition dates back hundreds of years. Back in the day, Easter Eggs symbolized the empty tomb of Jesus from which he resurrected. To Christians it still does, but to many of us parents, the plastic toy filled and chocolate eggs symbolise… well, commercialism. Thank you Cadbury.

But more recently Easter Eggs have taken on a whole new meaning. Now it’s a hidden message, clue or joke in a movie or video game. The first Easter egg was supposedly found in Atari’s “Adventure” video game, released in 1978. And now I see them all the time in movies.

Easter Eggs can also be found in – wait for it – logos. As a designer there is nothing more satisfying then adding a clever hidden symbol in a logo that helps to reinforce the brand. Some logos’ Easter Eggs are obvious. Like FedEx and their arrow. Some are not.

So here is a link with 5 logos that have Easter Eggs you may have missed!