Don’t become “one of them”

Don’t become “one of them”

Think of this…

There are lots of competitors in your industry.

Before you started your business – you saw an opportunity – or you thought you could do things differently.

In the end, you went through a lot to get that company started – sacrificed a lot – worked a lot.

There were times when you didn’t think it was going to happen – finding that breakthrough you needed to be considered “real”.

But eventually it happened, and you delivered, and now you are a legitimate contender in your industry.

Today, as you look at your marketing, you realize that you have started to look like every other company – talking about what you do and the products you have.

In spite of all the great reasons you started your company, you have become “one of them”.

If you look back at everything you believed and all you went through – you realize you still have a story to tell.

A really good story. One that would resonate with your customers.

So go tell that story. Be real. Make a connection with your customers.

Stop trying to be like your competitors – you got into this industry because you thought you were different than them.

Prove it.