Does language help to define demographics?

Does language help to define demographics?

Okay – I admit it…

As I get older I am getting sensitive to anything or anyone that tries to group me into an age category!

With that in mind I have started to listen to how people talk and started to wonder – do we adopt a vocabulary as we get older that helps to categorize us without us knowing it?

I hear friends and acquaintances talking and see people of “my age” writing about things on social media and I think – please don’t ever let me talk like that – even when I do get to be that age!!

  • I don’t ever want to cherish my time with anybody (although I will certainly seek to enjoy my time with everyone)
  • I really don’t want to describe my spouse as honest, loyal and respectful (I would prefer her to be funny, active and beautiful to me)
  • Please don’t say I am young at heart (and I promise not to say it about you).
  • I will always be tired or exhausted – but never tuckered out
  • I may wreak havoc or piss people off – but I know I am getting older when I start saying those people made a fuss
  • Or when I become so tied up in a TV show that I start to call it my story

Other words that will tell me I have gone over to the dark side include: for the birds, haven’t got the foggiest, cotton picking’, heavens to Betsy, Costcos (not Costco), fuddy duddy, told a fib, and shenanigans!

And god forbid – I hope I never say “get off my property” like the crusty old neighbour used to say to us when I was a kid!

I panic about it – but I am also reminded it is a good lesson to remember in advertising:

Generations have different languages. Make sure your advertising speaks in a language that resonates with your specific target audience.