Convergence and how to deliver it

Convergence and how to deliver it

Last Sunday an MTS representative came knocking on our door to promote a one-day special on their Ultimate TV service. It has been over two years since MTS installed their fibre optic cables in our neighbourhood, for which we are still not a customer. I guess the community hasn’t responded to the company’s projected market share and they are now using grassroots tactics to promote the service.

Under most circumstances, I don’t usually engage with services being pitched at my front door for a time sensitive offer, especially on a Sunday afternoon. But the “other service provider” who we have used for 9 years, will be jumping their monthly rate by $15 in December. Not to mention, I was shocked our channel package did not include 1 HD sports channel to watch the MBL playoffs! Needless to say, I was primed to look over the information and ended up booking an installation, with the option to cancel in a week.

This week, I’ve used the time to do some research on channels, bundling of stations and the benefits of consolidating all our communications (cells, home phone, internet and tv) with a single supplier. While the phrase “convergence” is what the telecoms are using and pitching as benefits to us the consumer, this is by far their own service model they employ.

I had to talk to three different service reps to get the answers I needed. Each one was polite and seemingly knowledgeable about their own silo, but none able to intelligently deal with a customer in a holistic approach. If a company is pitching their services as a bundled package, the least they can do is train their front line staff to service customers in this same approach.

It would seem that MTS could learn a thing or two from the 2016 Best Global Brands and how they are building cohesive eco systems. When the “machine” has multiple silos, it is absolutely key to align departments, messaging, activities, tactics, partnerships, processes, and customer service to all support the single eco system. How is your company aligning?

This weekend I’ll be looking forward to watching my sports in HD.