Common fears of marketing agencies

Common fears of marketing agencies

We have all heard them – the reasons why small businesses avoid going to an agency to get help developing their marketing strategies.

Basically, people like going to a marketing agency about as much as they like going to a law firm – or on an individual level – going to a dentist.

And the reasons that everyone uses are pretty common:

  1. It will cost too much money
  2. Every time I talk to them I will be charged
  3. They will give me something I don’t want
  4. They will try to sell me more than I asked for
  5. I won’t understand what they are saying
  6. They will try to tell me what to do
  7. It will take too long to get it done
  8. I will never know if it works

And while we don’t want to diminish these feelings, the reality is that many of these concerns are more myth than actual fact.

Marketing agencies are professional services providers. They are focused on serving their clients by providing solutions to marketing problems.

  • While it is true that some firms charge a lot of money for their services – it is not true that all firms are expensive.
  • It is also not true that marketing agencies operate like law firms – where clients are on the clock for every call they make.
  • It is definitely not true that every agency will force a solution on you based on their experience – some agencies will work with their clients to develop solutions that satisfy their clients’ specific needs.
  • And finally, in today’s world, if an agency isn’t building a campaign solution for you that enables you to measure the results – well, then they are not doing the work properly.

The reality is that not every agency is the same. With the right agency, the statements above are just myths.

The key to your marketing success is finding an agency that truly cares about your success, that is willing to listen to what you want to do, and that works with you to create a solution that meets your need and your budget.

At Deschenes Regnier, we understand these misconceptions exist – and that they sometimes stop companies from reaching out for marketing help.

That’s why we created our Launch! program. It is truly a no risk way of investigating what our agency can do for you. It gives you a chance to get to know us while we get to know you, and it provides you with a fixed fee solution for the work – so there are never any surprises along the way.

If you have had a bad marketing experience, or you simply don’t trust agencies – give us a chance to introduce you to Launch! and perhaps we can find a way to create marketing solutions together.