come together – right now – over me*

come together – right now – over me*

(*With apologies to the Beatles)

They say that…

  • It is only a very small percentage of the total population that is inclined to violence and destruction
  • All but a few people long for a world of peace and harmony
  • What is happening recently is not indicative of a broader degradation of society
  • The majority of people around the world do not agree with the tone and rhetoric of America’s current leader.

So if this is all true – if there really is a moral majority, if people really do want change – why in god’s name is nothing being done?

Our solution always seems to be to analyze what happened, create more restrictions and rules, and enforce more military or security provisions – to “protect” society.

But is that not a reactive solution based on old, traditional and entrenched systems?

Today, we have an inter-connectedness that was completely unknown in previous generations. We can quite literally connect within milliseconds with people around the world.

It confuses me why in this world, where we can talk instantly with each other, where “movements” can be created, that we have not found our voice as a society, that we have not risen up and taken these issues into our own hands.

Politicians can’t solve the issues – their sole focus once they get elected is on making sure they get elected again – which eliminates the ability for creative thinking and bold action.

Businesses won’t respond because they benefit from turmoil – we all have seen how a war benefits the economy.

For decades we have sat and watched as governments and businesses allowed this to happen and did not display the urgency (or the courage) to respond. But now we have the tools, we have the methodology, and we have the public angst necessary to generate a response.

Yet this situation continues to get worse and nothing (and no one) is bringing us together to raise our voice, our minds and our will against these atrocities. It makes me wonder – why can’t we ignore old concepts and strategies, and find a way to utilize the new resources available to us to combat these activities and to influence change?

  • People don’t hate people they get to know – once they understand who they are and where they come from. Once they create an relationship between them. As the Beatles said in the same song – “I know you, you know me”.
  • People are not the borders they live in or the gods they follow.
  • There is an opportunity to make the world smaller (and there are vehicles available to help us do that).

I am not just saying this because I am a “Kent State hippy” or incredibly naive. I am actually pissed that we continue to let this happen without a new and relevant approach to addressing the issues.

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