Co-workers… sheesh!

Co-workers… sheesh!

Hello everyone reading this… including my co-workers… maybe.

Earlier this month Ron (our resident blog manager) emailed everyone here at Deschenes Regnier to write a blog this week. Of course I took it upon myself to hit reply all and dish out some sarcasm mocking my co-workers. And this spawned an idea.

What if this email I wrote ruffled some feathers? What if people in the office are tired of my shtick? Maybe… people dislike me? Well I know that’s not possible. I’m too wonderful. But there are offices out there that are filled with politics. Thankfully this isn’t one.

Do you work in a workplace where you find certain people get on your nerves? Have a read and learn how you can deal with your annoying co-workers.

And just to reiterate… I love you DR!