Children now influence adult purchases

Children now influence adult purchases

Kids are increasingly holding sway over what parents are buying.

Turner Media’s New Generations study found that 90% of kids have influence over weekend activities, 91% have influence over books and clothing purchased, and 86% had influence over what is purchased for Father’s Day.

“What we’re seeing is more TV co-viewing. From an advertiser point of view that’s interesting because it’s adult eyeballs in a non-traditional place, so other than pure adult programming,” says Turner Media director for research and planning, David Webb.

According to Webb, full appreciation of just how influential children could be on household budgets has not been grasped by advertisers.

“They [children] have a huge influence over what’s bought for their mothers and fathers and some advertisers don’t necessarily think that kids have that level of influence,” Webb said.

He said part of the problem was that agencies were employing younger and younger people into planning positions, meaning they were less likely to have families and understand how children could influence the purse strings.

Webb said some brands have cottoned onto this, with banks in particular shifting ad dollars to kid’s media programming.

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Kids control more than $1.8 billion  (The market under appreciates the extent of power kids have on their parents’ purse strings, says Cartoon Network).