Chelsea’s two week update!

Chelsea’s two week update!

It’s Monday, and I’m in my third week here at Deschenes Regnier as their Spring Work Placement Student.

Things have been going well so far. I really enjoy the environment and the people here. My nerves have been calmed since the first day jitters. I’ve gotten into a daily routine which is different from what I’m used to during school. While I’m in classes, my days and nights are busy and hectic. We are in school all day, working on our projects, and then we go home, and work on them some more, then sleep (hopefully), and repeat.

Being on work placement has allowed me to take a breath from that minimal-sleep, high-stress lifestyle, so I’ve truly been enjoying this change of pace. It’s like a glimpse of what my life will be like once I graduate from design school and get a grown-up, full-time job. Not to say that there won’t be stress once I enter the workforce post-school, but it will be nice to have routine, no homework, and to no longer be living on a student budget.

In terms of the design projects I’ve been assigned here at Deschenes Regnier, there are a few tasks I’ve focused on. You’ll soon notice some new banners at the top of the Deschenes Regnier website that were designed by yours truly. I’ve been showing Neil my work along the way and it’s been helpful to get feedback, constructive criticism, and guidance from someone with his expertise.

The most recent task I’ve been given is an infographic about Traditional Publicity Vs. Content Marketing, so that should be coming up soon as well. I’ve been really enjoying my experience at Deschenes Regnier so far, and I look forward to what next week will bring!

Stay tuned.