Chanel says goodbye

Chanel says goodbye

Over the last two weeks, Deschenes Regnier was pleased to host Chanel Cannon, a Graphic Arts student from Red River College. Before Chanel left, we asked her to provide a few parting thoughts on her experience! This is her post…

I’m sad that these two weeks are over after today. Neil has kept me busy with projects, so the time has really flown by. I’ve had such a fantastic time and have made friends with all the staff here (including Jack, the sweetest dog ever)!

Things I’ve done during this work placement (all with the help of Neil, of course):

  • Designed a 40-page booklet
  • Edited photos
  • Trimmed paper
  • Did some Illustrator tracing
  • And reformatted a whole bunch of ads

Things I’ve learned:

  • New Photoshop techniques
  • Sooo many new key commands
  • To double check and triple check everything (it’s so embarrassing to miss the silly little things…)
  • And that the third year at RRC would be beneficial

I came into this sure that I would be done school this year, but after talking to my coworkers here (all of whom did third year), I am rethinking things. Breanna was talking about all the cool stuff she learned in third year like After-Effects and more web design / coding. I don’t want to limit myself by not knowing these things, but I still don’t know.

All I know for sure is that I need a LOT more practice and experience. A big thanks to Deschenes Regnier for giving me a little of both! And a huge thanks to Neil for being a wonderful (and patient) mentor!