Canadian firms at risk from cyber-threats

Canadian firms at risk from cyber-threats

Canadian organizations are “lagging when it comes to proactive threat management, and remain largely in reactive mode when it comes to responding to cyber threat,” according to Deloitte’s recent report. The report states that companies have a failing score when it comes to planning their communications responses, “putting their businesses and assets at risk.”

In his book, Speed Limits, Mark Taylor states, “In previous forms of capitalism, wealth was created by selling labour or products. Today, wealth is created by exchanging virtual assets that circulate in global networks at the speed of light. The difference between the so-called real economy and this new virtual economy is speed”.

There appears to be an unquestioned notion that faster is always better. Two of the unfortunate byproducts of the cult of speed are the disappearance of long-range planning and the disintegration of long-term memory.

Companies are being forced to remember what most have forgotten — that slow and steady still wins the race. In this regard, we recommend companies:

  1. Put together a response plan that will communicate your organization’s position when in a crisis,
  2. Determine who your spokesperson is and how the information will be delivered,
  3. Develop a strategy on how your organization will work through the crisis,
  4. Share the plan with the entire organization, outlining their role and the tools for them to maintain the basics.

In all cases, the most prudent advice seems to remain – plan for the worst and hope for the best.