Can you do this?

Can you do this?

Here’s a challenge for you (and your business)…

If I asked you to describe your business to me in three sentences or less – could you do it?

Write something down now – before reading on.

Now take a look at what you wrote. Did you:

  • Explain the product or service to me?
  • Describe the company operationally?
  • Default to hyperbole to “promote” what you do (using terms like caring or full-service, or any combination of biggest/fastest/best)?
  • Spend any time telling me why a customer would choose you?
  • Describe the customer experience I would get interacting with your company?

Generally, companies without a brand plan tend to default to one of these five options when they describe their company to a potential customer.

In general, most small business owners will describe their company in technical or functional terms (explaining how they do their work).

Very few company owners use the opportunity to explain why a potential customer should choose their service over the other options in the marketplace.

But I am a potential customer and I asked you to tell me what you do.

I am not asking you so that I can understand how your business works. I am asking because I am wondering if what you do is in some way relevant to what I may need.

Help me understand that relevance – so that I can make the decision to buy your service.