Buyer beware – Valentine’s Day is coming!

Buyer beware – Valentine’s Day is coming!

Are you ready – that big romantic special occasion is just around the corner?

But the bigger question is – will you opt for something the stores are selling – ideas generated during big brainstorming sessions in corporate board rooms as part of their product purchasing discussions?

Or will you go buy something he/she wants – taking the predictable route because it is safe and without consequence?

Or this year, maybe just once, will you take a look at your relationship and find something that is special between the two of you – something only the two of you know about? And then go find a gift that symbolizes this bond, and that shows you cared enough to think beyond what was “simple or obvious”.

It’s a tough choice. The first two are easy – but the upsides on both are slim.

The last option requires more thought, more planning, more understanding. But the upside is enormous. He/she will know what you did to find this gift. Your partner will “get” the thought that went into it. And they will understand, through the symbolism and the effort, that they are special to you.

It may come as a surprise to you that the same options exist when you are developing your brand and marketing strategy:

  • You can choose what the agencies have to offer
  • You can choose what you think your client expects of you
  • OR… you can take the time to find out what is truly special about you, and then find a way to package that specialness for your customers.

Once again, the upside is significantly bigger in option three.

Do you even know what makes you special (to your partner or to your customers)?