Branding a branding company

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Brand Marketing, Deschenes Regnier, English
Branding a branding company

How do you build a brand when every competitor in your industry seems to offer the same services, projects a similar personality, and posts similar messages?

At Deschenes Regnier, we deal with that question every day when we help our clients work on their brand-based issues.

But for the first time in a very long time, Deschenes Regnier was forced to ask those questions of ourselves, as we sought to update the brand we had spent 30 years building!

  • What is it that makes us different?
  • Why do clients like working with us?
  • What helps us create successful results for our clients?

It was a long process (proving once again the value of having a third party add a critical eye to the internal brand development process!). But as we tell our clients, the process was also cathartic.

As it does so many times for companies in every industry, the brand evaluation process helped us turn a very analytic eye on our own work – to identify what was important to us as a company, and to articulate for our own purposes what it was we offered our clients.

The most visible result of that work is our new website – which we hope you will find is an accurate reflection of Deschenes Regnier’s style and its people.

But in a more organic sense the brand process helped us to understand how far we’d come and who we were as a company. It helped us realize that, as a group, we were truly focused on success (as the client defines it), and that what excited us about the business we were in was the opportunity we get everyday to meet new people from all walks of life and to talk with them about their hopes and their dreams and their aspirations.

It reminded us that if we could play even a little role in helping them reach their goals – it was a good day!

In a broader sense, that is what the entire branding process is all about. At least, that’s what it’s about when we build brands for our clients.