Afraid of Ad Agencies?!

Afraid of Ad Agencies?!

I have worked in this business for over twenty years and have learned that the biggest fears companies have when they engage an ad agency are:

  1. The clock will be ticking every time they speak with the agency
  2. The agency will not listen to what the client needs
  3. The agency will try to sell the client more than they need or can afford

Basically, companies have the same fear of dealing with ad agencies as they do in working with law firms!

But in many cases those fears are simply not warranted.

Most agencies will meet with new clients to discuss their needs, and will provide a quote for the work they are about to do. But even with that process, the cost to develop advertising can seem to be expensive, or unnecessary, especially for a small business or start-up.

Studies have shown, however, that having an effective marketing program is an essential part of your overall business implementation strategy.

That’s why Deschenes Regnier created the Launch! Program – to help small businesses and start-ups get their marketing going.

As part of the Launch! process:

  • We’ll sit down with you and talk about your business, your needs and your objectives.
  • We’ll get to know your company and get a feel for what would work best for your business.
  • Our focus will be to get as much information as we can so we can find a marketing approach that truly helps you get going.

And we will have that meeting at no charge to you!

At the end of the session, Deschenes Regnier will develop a simple marketing plan for you to consider that addresses your specific needs. And the best part of the process is that whatever we recommend will be a fixed-fee solution. There will be no hidden or additional costs to worry about.

So what have you got to lose? Contact us for your complimentary Launch! session, and get a no obligation, fixed-fee marketing solution that will help you get your marketing started today!