A Bird’s Eye View

A Bird’s Eye View

As marketers, one of our primary objectives is to differentiate. This process applies to logo/tagline development, campaigns, website design – right down to writing style and photography. In this regard, one of the new technologies that I have been noticing recently, is  a very interesting opportunity on video development with the use of drones.

Now, drones are not new, as we are familiar with their use in military operations, and more recently in news coverage. In cases of disaster situations, such as the California coastline eroding causing streets and homes to break off and fall into the ocean, a drone can certainly capture an event that would not normally be possible. And they can do it safely.

But in the case of sporting events, like the recent Alpine Skiing World Cup in Italy, a drone camera crashed on the slalom race course just seconds before causing very serious injury to skier, Marcel Hirscher. After this near miss, it would seem that the use of drones is more appropriate for some settings than others.

Where I do see drone photography accelerating in the near future is in the area of destination marketing.

How cool would it be to see the Polar Bears or Beluga Whales up close! Mine Films out of Fernie, BC demonstrates the possibilities when using drone technology in their aerial reel.

Move over GoPro!